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Envelope Budgeting

Simplify Your Spending

Dive into a straightforward budgeting approach with Valet's Envelope Budgeting System. Allocate your funds into different 'envelopes' for expenses like rent, groceries, and savings. Gain clarity and control over your spending by knowing exactly where every dollar is going, making financial goals more attainable and stress-free.

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Create Your Envelopes
Personalize your budget by creating envelopes for all your spending categories. Tailor them to your lifestyle, from groceries to entertainment, ensuring every dollar has a purpose.
Trays & Color-Coding: Organize with Ease
Streamline your budget with Trays by grouping similar envelopes together, making navigation intuitive. Color-code your envelopes for an added layer of organization, allowing you to quickly identify and manage your finances with ease.

Smart Rules

Automate Your Finances

Set your budget on autopilot with Valet's Intelligent Rules Allocation. Whether it's directing the first 10% of your income to giving, ensuring fixed amounts for recurring expenses, or optimizing savings and investments, Valet's customizable rules adapt to your financial priorities, making budget management effortless and efficient.

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Firstfruit Rule: Prioritize Your Contributions
Automatically allocate a set percentage of your income to giving or savings first, ensuring your budget aligns with your values and financial goals.
Repeating Goal: Automate Fixed Expenses
Set up recurring funding for fixed expenses like rent and utilities, guaranteeing you're always prepared for monthly obligations without manual adjustments
Target Goal: Aim for Your Objectives
The Target Goal rule helps you reach specific financial targets within your budget. After setting aside funds for firstfruits and repeating goals, allocate a percentage of the remaining income to goals like building an emergency fund or saving for a vacation, until the set target amount is reached.
Surplus Rule: Maximize Your Savings
The Surplus Rule intelligently distributes any leftover income after all other allocations. Choose to split this surplus in a way that supports your financial growth, such as directing a larger portion to savings and a smaller share to investments, ensuring every dollar is utilized effectively.

Access Anywhere

Budget on the Go

Stay connected to your budget whether you're at home or on the move. Valet's seamless multi-device support means you can organize your finances on your computer and check your budget on your phone. With cloud synchronization, your financial overview is always at your fingertips, ensuring you make informed spending decisions anytime, anywhere.

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Sync Across Devices
Your budget updates in real time across all your devices, thanks to cloud synchronization. Make a change on one device and see it reflected everywhere.
Streamlined Desktop-Mobile Sync
Valet's web-to-mobile sync enhances your productivity. Manage your budget on the web for detailed planning and easily switch to mobile for on-the-go access, ensuring seamless financial oversight.

Transaction Tracking

Your Spending History at a Glance

Valet not only tracks every transaction with precision but also offers in-depth insights into your overall budget health. View the evolution of your budget amounts over time and understand future allocations with projections of how much Valet will distribute to each envelope monthly. This feature empowers you with a clear visual representation of your financial trajectory, enabling you to make informed decisions and adjustments for optimal budget management.

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Detailed History
View a comprehensive log of your spending and transfers within each envelope. Understand your financial habits with detailed transaction insights.
Analyze Spending Trends
Discover your spending patterns over time with visual graphs and charts. Identify areas for improvement and adjust your budgeting strategy accordingly.

Flexible Envelopes

Tailor Your Budget to Your Life

Valet's customizable budget envelopes offer the flexibility to adapt to your unique financial landscape. Whether it's adjusting allocations for unexpected expenses or locking envelopes to safeguard your savings, Valet provides the tools to keep your budget aligned with your evolving financial needs.

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Lock & Protect
Secure specific envelopes by locking them, preventing automatic funding and preserving savings for your most important goals.
Flexible Transfers
Easily move funds between envelopes to manage unexpected expenses or adjust your budgeting priorities on-the-fly.

Coming Soon...

At Valet, we're constantly innovating to bring you closer to your financial goals with minimal effort. Our upcoming features are designed to revolutionize the way you budget, save, and invest. Here's a sneak peek into what's on the horizon:

Seamless Collaboration
Imagine sharing your financial journey with a partner or spouse, making budgeting an inclusive and unified experience. Our upcoming collaboration feature will allow you to synchronize your budgets, ensuring both of you are always on the same page with your finances.
Bank Sync in Real-Time
Say goodbye to manual entries. Soon, Valet will automatically connect with your bank, importing transactions directly into your budget. Our smart system will categorize each transaction into the appropriate envelope, making budget management effortless.
AI-Powered Insights
Dive deeper into your financial habits with the help of advanced AI. Valet will analyze your spending patterns, offering personalized tips and strategies to optimize your budgeting. Whether it's identifying saving opportunities or suggesting adjustments to your financial plan, our AI will be your personal finance coach.

Pricing - It's Free!

Embrace Financial Freedom with Valet - It's Completely Free!

Valet is committed to empowering your financial management without any cost to you. Enjoy our comprehensive budgeting tools, envelope features, and analytics for free. While future advanced features might come with tailored pricing plans, our dedication to value and transparency will always be paramount. Begin your journey to streamlined budgeting with Valet today, and manage your finances effortlessly at no charge.

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